How to save money on packaging: 4 tips from the packaging experts

5min read 24/04/2019

RAJA packaging, optimise your packing speed

Time is money, and nowhere is this truer than the world of logistics. It’s vital you optimise the number of orders prepared per hour and per shift if you want to keep things running as smoothly as possible. RAJA, Europe’s number 1 packaging supplier, are here to give you the advice you need to speed up your warehouse operations; so, you can pack, protect, and seal your parcels more efficiently.

The 3 stages of packing, with RAJA

1.     Choose the right packaging materials

The packaging you use impacts the speed of your order preparation. The correct materials save time, which means more orders are packed per hour and, ultimately, greater profits are made for your business.

Swap your boxes for envelopes and mailing bags

Think carefully about how you can optimise your packing materials; even just changing from boxes to envelopes or mailing bags can save you time. Mailing bags are lighter which means the weight and volume of your shipments will reduce and overall transport costs will be lower.

Try Kraft paper mailing bags, a change from the popular plastic mailing bags

This ecological paper alternative will surprise you – not only does it have an adhesive strip to save you applying tape, as we know time-saving is important, but it is made from heavy-duty FSC 10gsm Kraft paper with a tensile strength of 9.5kN/m.

Kraft mailing bags at RAJA











The crash-lock box will revolutionise the work of your packing team

Crash-lock boxes basically assemble themselves. All you need to do is open up the box and the crash-lock base folds down to the bottom of the box and closes itself. Then all that is needed to seal the box is to close and tape the top. Even more time can be saved using crash-lock boxes with an adhesive strip included. There are 3 key benefits to switching from standard cardboard boxes to crash-lock boxes:

Time-saving: the box is assembled 2.5 times quicker on average than a standard box.

Energy saving: it may be 2.5 times quicker to assemble but at the same time it’s 2.5 times easier to assemble too. Your packing team will thank you for switching to crash-lock boxes! Just take a look at our crash-lock box video to see it in action if you haven’t done so yet.

Space saving: our customers have commented that previously they had to assemble standard boxes in batches, but now packers can easily construct boxes with the crash-lock bases on demand, saving warehouse space in the process.

Crashlock packaging cardboard boxes at RAJA

2.      Protect effectively, less is more

Protective packaging is something that you’ll need to think about to protect your products during transit. The solutions below work to reduce the time and resource required for this part of the packing process.

Perforated protective packaging

Save time during the protective packaging process by reducing the reliance on tools. Perforated protective packaging eliminates the need for a cutter. Watch our perforated bubble wrap vs standard bubble wrap video to see how much time you could save.

Perforated bubble wrap at RAJA

The bubble bag with an adhesive strip

Not only does a bubble bag completely wrap around products, but the readily available adhesive strip also secures the product within the bag. No additional tape is required, and importantly no excessive bubble wrap is needed, watch our video, bubble bags with an adhesive strip to see the packing speed for yourself.

Bubble bag with adhesive strip, at RAJA

If you have awkwardly shaped items, is bespoke packaging an option?

If you have high volumes of similar orders and your product isn’t a standard box shape, you need to use packaging that fits your products well. Custom and bespoke packaging saves on the amount of protective packaging used as well as packing time.

Best practices of bespoke packaging

Having packaging that fits closely to the product is best, as it avoids movement and reduces damages. Bespoke packaging reduces the amount of protective packaging you need. Efficient packaging materials mean lighter loads and optimised packed pallets for reduced overall transportation costs. For a quick turnaround, custom made protective packaging means no time is wasted packing your order.

3.      Seal your parcels quickly and correctly

The closure stage is crucial to ensure your parcels are safe and secure in transit. The tips below ensure the security of your deliveries while making time savings.

Can you seal a parcel without using packaging tape?

To save time and money it is possible not to use packaging tape. Tape requires storage space, and you’ll have to monitor your supply closely. Mailing bags and postal boxes are available with an integrated adhesive strip. You’ll increase your packing speed, save space by not having to store stock, and reduce the amount of tape used within your business.

How to benefit from gummed paper tape

Gummed paper tape is one of the most effective and eco-friendly ways to secure your parcels. Amazon, one of the largest ecommerce retailers use paper tape on all shipments, and it is also custom printed with their branding. We recommend that you apply gummed paper tape using a paper tape dispenser, and to speed up operations even more, use an electronic water activated tape dispenser.

Gummed paper tape has a natural adhesive, it is tamper-evident so you can see if the tape has been removed from the carton and most importantly, eco-friendly and can be recycled with the box.

4.      Have a dedicated packaging area

Some might call it a workstation, a packing bench or a packing station. Whatever the term, it is the central location and area for you to pack and prepare parcels to then be shipped and sent.

This platform allows you to be organised, efficient and prepared and is more than a standard workbench or table. It provides a clear working space with dedicated areas to access your components and equipment, whether you’re wrapping, blocking, bracing or sealing – the structured frame will ensure you’re equipped with the tools you need for a seamless operation.

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